I had gone to other stores but got no service, i had to look for the
dress my self. I kept looking and found Desert Bride. I loved the service they
gave. They helped me try on several dresses and knew exactly the dress i was
looking for and the fact that it was in my budget. At my wedding everybody loved my dress, they thought i had paid thausands for it. I felt like a princess in my wedding dress.
Thank You Desert Bride!

Esperanza Alvarado

This is a wonderful local business in the Coachella Valley, but great for anyone looking for a wedding dress, regardless of where you live. They cater to their brides and make them feel extremely special. The service is incredible. They work very hard to understand your budget, what you are looking for and then to find you your dream dress.

The staff at Desert Bride was helpful in helping me to find my perfect dress and very patient with me when I made multiple appointments to try on the same two dresses. It felt like a celebration when I finally decided on my dress. I could tell the staff and owner were very happy for me!

The perks of being a Desert Bride never end! When you buy your dress you get a great package including an engagement photo session, discounts on dress preservation, tuxedo rental, including a free tuxedo rental for the groom, discounts on your bridesmaid dresses and mother of the bride/groom dresses to name a few. Oh and a bottle of Desert Bride champagne! Check Desert Bride out on Facebook and you can see how much they do for their brides.

I recommend Desert Bride to anyone looking for a wedding dress, occassion gown, fun party dress, bridesmaid dress or prom dress! They are a full service bridal salon, so they have beautiful veils and jewelry, as well. They also have a wonderful alterations woman they will refer you to. The owner and staff are incredible!

Amity Armes Bustamante

Dear Mickie,

I just wanted to “Thank you” for having a FABULOUS Team of experts! I called you at 5 p.m. on a Thursday and asked you to pick out 5 dresses for me. I was getting married on Monday 10-1-12 at 2:00 pm. We decided an intimate wedding, just like that.
My question was can it be done?
Just by a conversation over the phone. You picked out the perfect dress. It took less than an hour to shop for my wedding dress! Shatea was the best! She was so sweet and loving and cared that I walk out of your bridal shop pleased and satisfied. Your seamstress Linda made an extra trip to have my dress ready and available the next day. Superb customer service. The Best experience for this bride. By the way, that bottle of champagne was delicious! Thank you for Blessing me on my Special day!
Much Love,

Pearl Velasquez

I would highly recommend this little gem in the desert to anyone looking for personal service, beautiful dresses and a light atmosphere – no matter if you are not getting married in the desert. It is worth the trip and the owner Mickie is a DOLL. They did a phenomenal job for/with my baby sister, and we all agreed she is going to look incredibly beautiful on her wedding day thanks to Desert Bride. Thanks to my aunt Cecilia Malvestio for recommending! :) ~~~ and love that we were able to support a small local business in California!

Lesley Kirsten Roberts

I loved everything about my appointment at Desert Bride. I honestly can’t express how grateful I am to the owner!
Here’s my story;
I first saw a dress I really liked on their Facebook page and had to try it on. My mom and one of my dear girlfriends made the hour plus drive to Indio. The dress didn’t look that great on me, but my consultant worked her butt off finding a dress I would love. The owner came over and I told her what I was thinking and within minutes she came back with exactly what I was looking for (We’re getting married in Maui and I wanted something “beachy”) I had pretty much decided that was the dress and wanted to figure out payments when it hit me that the girl trying on dresses next to me also had her father there, oohing and awing at her (she was beautiful) but that’s when the realization hit me that my dad wouldn’t be at my wedding, or telling me how beautiful I looked since he passes away a few years ago. That’s when I literally burst into tears and ran outside. So embarrassing and emotional. The owner came out, brought me tissues and hugged me! I felt so bad for making a scene, that was literally the first time that all hit me. She knew I loved the dress and we all agreed my outburst was a sign from my dad that the beautiful Ella gown should be mine. She even went a step further and offered the dress to be on an upcoming sale so I was blown away by the discount – she said it was meant to be, and it was my exact size off the rack too! Thank you :)

I can’t wait to wear my dress (I bought 10 months before my wedding!) and I will tell anyone who will listen how great Desert Bride is. Go there!!! Friend them on Facebook too :)

I like how when you have an appointment there’s a frame with your name in it. They really make you feel special :)

Dayna Fuette

I wanted to thank you for the excellent services I received at your bridal salon! After an extensive and exhaustive search throughout Oange County we just happened to stumble across your store and thankfully we did! You carried dresses we hadn’/t seen before, which was so refreshing! I saw my dress in the window, tried it on and bought it all within the hour (Thanks for staying open). The entire process was so effortless between the finding, buying, ordering, fitting and receiving! You and your staff were so welcoming and friendly and warm, which helped make this process so memorable. I can’t thank you enough! Warmest Regards.

Brandy Nunes Starnes

Message: On behalf of my sister, Lauren, and myself, two of Desert Bride’s brides, I’d like to enthusiastically recommend Desert Bride’s services. Having recently gotten married, both my sister and I had the opportunity to get the “Desert Bride Experience.” We were treated with so much care and attention, and both, rather instantly, found our dream dresses at Mickie’s salon. Given all the attention, as if the only bride in the world, we were able to exercise our need to be certain that we were making the right decision, down to the perfect accessories. Back and forth between gorgeous earrings and tiaras, Mickie’s staff tirelessly, and happily allowed us to be as neurotic as any bride can be and for that, we are eternally grateful. Each of our dreams came true, and at
reasonable prices. Anyone considering stopping in to peruse Desert Bride’s selection, don’t hesitate! Making a decision will be easier than you think! With love and gratitude,
Desiree Morales Beltran

Desiree Morales Beltran

My daughter Tatyana bought her quinceanera gown and headpeice @ Desert Bride, and she absolutely loved them! We also enjoyed some of their additional services: alterations by Linda, and petticoat rental. Her 15era has since passed, and she received compliments on the gown throughout the evening. Thank you all @ Desert Bride for showing us such hospitality and professionalism throughout this whole process. We’ll definitely be back when she’s ready to choose her bridal gown

Mary Salazar

I just bought my dress there today! Fantastic staff- (Thank you Linda and Mickey!) There were so many beautiful dresses to choose from and I felt great in all of them- luckily Mickey has an eye for what looks good on your body type. I love my dress and can’t wait to wear it! Great selection, staff, service, and prices. :) I highly recommend you start here before you go anywhere else!

Sarah McCormick

Just wanted to say thank you for today, you truly made my dress shopping expierence one to remember! All you your employees were so professional, nice and very attentive. I found my dream dress thanks to Mickey taking one look at me and finding it! She knows her stuff :) I would recommend all of my family and friends to Desert Bride! I have never felt so beautiful :) Thank you once again talk to you soon!

Emily Vialpanda

Desert Bride is the BEST!!!! Their service, friendly/positive attitudes by everyone in the store, and the beautiful bridal gowns made shopping there a truly wonderful experience!!! Special thanks to Linda and Mickey for making selecting a dress such a wonderful experience for my niece-to-be!!!!!

Linda Cunningham

With such little time to plan for such a little wedding, Desert Bride had exactly what I was looking for. They made me feel special, and found me the perfect dress (right off the rack). I felt absolutely beautiful on my wedding day.

Katie Corson

“” I had been to a few bridal stores in the Bay Area before I went to Desert Bridal Salon. My family was in Palm Springs for the Christmas holiday. My mom and I had been discussing what type of dress i wanted and I had tried on a few in my local stores. Mickie, the store owner, was wonderful and helpful. She listened to both what I wanted as well as what my mom had envisioned. She was patient and not pushy throughout the process of trying on 30+ dresses. Once I found my dress, a beautiful Amy Michelson dress, she assisted me with a veil and jewelry. Also, the dress and the accesories were all very reasonablly priced. Since I was out of town, Mickie is shipping everything to me. It was such an amazing experience! The store is very nice and her assistant was also fabulous. If you are shopping for a bridesmaid dress or your gown, I would recommend going here first!

Amy Ayres

I never would have found my beautiful dress if it wasn’t for Mickie and Desert Bride. I wore an Adele Wechsler dress designed especially for me by Adele while she in town for a showing of her designs. It was an amazing experience….I Highly recommend you go to Desert Bride for your wedding dress and/or wedding party dresses. It’s the BEST Shop to buy your dress in ALL of Choacella Valley! They really make you feel special !!!

MJ Lenhoff

Desert Bride made our experience so wonderful. My first experience as mother of the bride, so the whole experience was new to us. The owner and employees made us feel as if our wedding were the most important event of the year! My daughter found the dress of her dreams (in my price range!) and the bridesmaid dresses were beautiful. As mother of the bride, I ended up buying two dresses because I couldn’t decide between two gorgeous picks. We were able to get the tuxes that my daughter wanted at the same location. The seamstress who did the alterations (Thanks, Linda) did a beautiful job. Everything was delivered with plenty of time to spare. When we needed a last-minute dress for my niece, they came through again. My husband and I are thinking of renewing our vows next year so I can buy the dress of my dreams!!

From beginning to end Desert Bride took all the worry and stress out of dress shopping. I have three other daughters and plan on doing much more business with Mickie and her team in the future. May have to take a cruise so I can buy more formal wear!!

Thank you again, Desert Bride for the professional, timely and all around perfect experience.

Carla Walker

Living in the Coachella Valley it is very exciting to have a boutique like Desert Bride because in the past to get quality, current bridal gowns you would always hear of women having to drive to Los Angeles. Well not anymore! Desert Bride has it all and with friendly, helpful staff and a variety of labels. My Jasmine gown found ME at Desert Bride and I couldn’t be happier with the support I received in this whole process. Another perk was the luxury of buying my shoes, veil, jewelry, maids of honor dresses and the mens tuxedos all in one place and ALL quality. Weddings can be stressful but my Desert Bride friends are a support system and I actually have made new friends with this experience. They know bridal at Desert Bride, I recommend them to anyone!

Devona Kline

While looking for a wedding dress I shopped at many different places, but Desert Bride was by far the best!! The employees are so helpful! They make you feel very comfortable and they are such great girls to be around. The dresses sold at Desert Bride are all high quality and beautiful! The dress that I bought for my wedding was absolutely amazing. I am so happy with it!


Just got home from buying my dream Amy Michelson wedding dress. Everyone was absolutely wonderful. I’m from Pasadena. Drove 2 hours to Indio not knowing what to expect. They have a great selection and it’s not stuffy like the boutiques in Beverly Hills. You don’t feel like they’re ready to shoo you away for the next customer. I had a great experience. :)


LOVE my wedding dress! Thanks again guys!!!!! I can’t wait to wear it!!!

Nicole DeAnda

I absolutely LOVE my wedding dress! I truly appreciated that you had dresses in my size that I could actually try on! The service was amazing from helping me pick out my dress to helping me find the perfect dress for my bridesmaids too!

Kristi Belcher

The entire “Desert Bride experience” was wonderful for me. The employees are so helpful! They make you feel very comfortable and they are such great girls to be around. The dresses sold at Desert Bride are all high quality and beautiful! The dress that I bought for my wedding was absolutely amazing. I am so happy with it!

Aly Foster Olsen

I had the best experience with Desert Bride. I came to the salon all the way from Santa Monica for a private appointment in January, less than 5 months to go until my May wedding. I thought I knew exactly what I wanted, but quickly became frustrated when the shape I wanted wasn’t working out. Mickie immediately came to the rescue. I …trusted her expert opinion, and she started bringing dresses I never would have considered. The third dress she pulled was my dream dress, even though it was one I never would have thought to try! The sample size even fit me perfectly, so I was able to get it right off the rack. My entire crew and I immediately knew we had the right one, and I found it in less than 2 hours! My bridesmaids also found their perfect bridesmaid dresses within minutes, and Mickie made ordering and delivery a breeze. I just picked up my dress today to take home for my Malibu wedding next week, perfectly altered for my dream day! The drive to the desert was definitely worth it. Thank you so much!

Emma Seitz

Mickie, Just wanted to thank you for all your help & special interest in finding a dress for me. After being treated horribly in Costa Mesa, you were a “Ray of Sunshine.” I will never go anywhere else for formal wear. I have a couple of cousins with weddings coming up and I have already told them all about you. Thank you again! Veronica Lopez

Veronica Lopez

When I started looking for a dress for my very special day, I was discouraged. I was discouraged because I thought I was going to have to drive back and forth to Riverside or even Los Angeles to find what I was looking. Before I did that I decided to start in magazine. After a long time of looking I found a dress that I thought for sure was “the one.” I did some research online to see who close to me carries that designer. Well there it was Desert Bride; a place I never knew existed in our small town. I called Desert Bride and spoke to girl and asked if she happen to have that dress in the store, she did… I was so excited I called my best friend and we drove over there that weekend. I tried on the dress and to my disappointment, it was not the dress… So the girls pulled dress out and I think I tried on 10-15 dresses, none were “the one.” I started getting dressed and discouraged again when the owner of the store Mickie picked out just one more dress. She told me, I know this is what you think is not your style, but I think you might be surprised. I took one look at the dress and my best friend and shook my head; no this is not “the one.” Both of them pretty much made me get undressed to try this dress on. When I put it and got up in front of the mirror, I was shocked! The dress was STUNNING, and even though it was something I never thought I would wear, I quickly changed my mind. It was “the one,” “the one” I would walk down the aisle with my Father to the man of my dreams…

I would like to thank Kristen, Geni and of course Mickie for helping me pick “the one!” I will only recommend Desert Bride to everyone that is looking for that personal touch! I am in the hospitality industry and it is rare that you come across please that love what they do, well everyone at Desert Bride do care.

Thank you…

Jaime C.

Desert Bride is amazing! I really wasn’t looking forward to shopping for my dress but Mickie and everyone else made it such a fabulous experience for me. My dress is absolutely perfect (and the exact opposite of what I thought I would end up with — I never would have picked it off the rack so I am eternally grateful… that it ended up in my fitting room) and it was wonderful to get to meet Adele! Almost makes me wish I had another wedding to shop for! ;)

Alicia L.

Hi Mickie,
This is delayed by a few months, but my gratitude is still the same for your shop. Kristen and the rest of your staff were nothing short of amazing during my bridal dress experience. I had planned on buying back in Idaho where I live, but the experience far exceeded anything I had received at any other bridal shop. Your staff was warm, helpful, accommodating, and simply the best!
Thanks for everything!

Erin B.

Dear Desert Bride Staff,
Just wanted to send you a little note to thank you all for your help with my wedding dress. Kristen- your kind patience as I kept calling; Geni- for helping me “find” my dress- you knew just what I wanted and for helping me in and out of my dress; Linda- for the wonderful alterations and making it look perfect on me. You were all wonderful and I will refer you to many. By the way, I felt beautiful that day and I am still getting comments. It was a fabulous day.
Thanks again,

Linda B.

Kristen, Linda, and the Desert Bride staff,
Thank you for all the time and work you put into getting my wedding dress just right. It was beautiful the day of the wedding and my husband loved it! I just wish I could wear it again and again! I will send pictures soon. Thanks again, it was just what I always wanted.

Katie H.

Dear Mickie and Staff,
Thank you for making my “Mother of the Bride” experience so enjoyable. I walked into your store in a “bad mood” – thinking I was not going to ever find the perfect dress for my daughters wedding. What a wonderful surprise when I could have picked from many of your beautiful gowns! And then everyone on your staff went the extra mile to make it happen! I will highly recommend you to as many people as possible! You have an outstanding selection of bridal and formal wear.
Thank you,

Wendy J.

I would like to thank you for being a part of my dream wedding. The moment I walked into your bridal store I didn’t know it would be the beginning of an amazing and positive experience. I remember you greeting me with a warm smile and taking the time to elicit my thoughts about my bridal gown. I felt heard, as you found my elegant gown in hundreds of dresses to choose from in the first selection. My dream was manifesting right before my eyes. I am grateful to have been lead to Desert Bride and your kindhearted staff. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there every step of the way to ease my bridal doubts and to reassure me of my wedding gown decision. I felt like the most beautiful bride wearing a Desert Bride gown, sparkling tiara, shimmering veil and dazzling shoes to match. It all came together like a dream!
With much gratitude,

Kris R.